“Educate and Transform”

A society can be healthy only if equality prevails. The divide between the poor and the rich will always be there but when the rich comes to the help of the poor, the society gains power. Our mission here is to guide the marginalized women so as to stop “Fetus Death” and conduct orientation programs to educate the under-privileged children to stand on their feet.

Today, the poor in our society is ignorant of our rights and the so called ‘Netas’ use them to their advantage. Unless they are educated, this will continue. Our aim is to make them aware of their right to Education, proper food, clean drinking water and employment. This will in turn eradicate poverty, unemployment, violence and even control unwanted population growth. A society can be healthy only if every citizen is made to realize their rights and duties and Minakshi Pariwar has made this their mission. Our guidance center helps the poor for their marriage, career guidance, de-addiction and conducts classes in yoga and meditation for personality development which in turn will control crime in society.

We are committed to make our society healthy!

What the poor in our society needs today is someone to understand them and guide them to be a responsible citizen. Minakshi interacts with each one of them personally and makes them feel wanted and loved. This makes all the difference!!!!