About us


We are a fully committed NGO dedicated to the uplift of marginalised sections of women and children irrespective of their caste, creed, age, colour or religion.
Minakshi Pariwar is run and managed by Minakshi, who is a born social worker. In her early days, she witnessed hungry children roaming around the streets of Delhi for a piece of bread. The sight of poor helpless women being forced to terminate pregnancy too made her realise the cruelty of the society. This prompted her to be with the poor in their fight for their rights. Born to a simple family, she was guided by her grand-mother to grow as a responsible child, very GOD fearing, with simple life style and a very broad outlook. Observing the poor in the neighbour hood, she realised how lucky she is to have a home to live in, at-least two meals a day. She considered herself lucky to have proper dresses and education. All these were looked at as luxuries by the nearby kids and even as a child, she did all she could to help them. This habit never left her and prompted her to be of service to the poor all her life.


A healthy society where no woman is ill-treated and every child is protected.